YugoTranslate was founded to provide translating and interpreting services, contribute actively to the fields of art and culture and facilitate intercultural exchange and cooperation.

YugoTranslate specializes in language pairs of different world and South Slavic languages, for which we guarantee high-quality translation services at an affordable price. We guarantee the same high standards and affordable rates for the translation services we provide for the European and world languages listed below.

YugoTranslate offers comprehensive translation and language services: translations, certified and urgent translations, proof-reading and editing, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. We guarantee quality, expertise and accuracy at a reasonable price for work in over 30 languages. We also guarantee the full confidentiality of our clients’ documents.

Besides translating and interpreting, YugoTranslate team members are also active in continued education and training in linguistics, culture and art; the performing arts; the organization of exhibitions and meetings; research and development in the social sciences and humanities; publishing; producing radio content and other fields of culture and entertainment.

YugoTranslate strives to overcome linguistic and cultural nationalism by (once again) uniting the languages and cultures of Yugoslavia. We have a commitment to respecting actual linguistic and cultural diversity… We reject the artificially created differences forced on us by linguistic and cultural bureaucrats, “professors” and global and European “unifiers”.

YugoTranslate. The right translation for your language. For our language!


Jugosfera je jutranja rubrika Radia Študent, ki nastaja pod okriljem Zavoda YugoTranslate. Jugosfera se konstituira na valovih Radia Študent vsak četrtek ob 08.40.