Aleksandar Stojković St (Goribor), Revisited

Gost Jugosfere je pesnik, glasbenik, beatnik, frontmen srbske skupine Goribor, Aleksandar Stojković St. (drugi del pogovora)


Aleksandar Stojković St

Jugosfera se konstituira na valovih Radia Študent vsak četrtek ob 08.45.

Po 10-minutnem strnjenem “monologu” posameznega gosta sledi nagradna igra za knjigo oz. knjige po vaši izbiri iz številnih antikvariatov Založniško-knjigarniške družbe Antikvariat Cunjak, ki je podpornik Jugosfere.

Goribor (Serbian Cyrillic: Горибор; trans. Burningbor) is a Serbian alternative rock band from Bor. Having performed as a teenage band called Projekat (Serbian Cyrillic: Пројекат; trans. The Project) from 1988 until 1992, after a four-year hiatus, the band was reformed in 1996 by the founding members, the vocalist Aleksandar Stojković “St” and guitarist Željko Ljubić “Pity” with the guitarist Predrag Marković “Peđa”. Until 2003 they had been making home-made demo recordings eventually released through the Croatian independent record label Slušaj Najglasnije!, after being discovered by the head of the label Zdenko Franjić.

In 2006 Franjić sent their recordings to the Pula Art & Music festival demo competition on which they eventually won the second place and were praised for a unique rock expression. The success at the festival gave them an opportunity to release a studio album through a major record label Dancing Bear. Simultaneously the band had become popular in Serbia as well. Their eponymous debut studio album Goribor received positive critics and several awards in both Serbia and Croatia, including the webzine Popboks award for the best album in the previous decade.

In 1988, the band Projekat was formed in Bor by the teenage friends Aleksandar Stojković St (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Željko Ljubić “Pity” (lead guitar).[1] The material the band had performed, inspired by the SST Records indie and alternative rock bands,[2] including the song “Neću da stojim gde sam sad” (“I Do Not Want To Be Where I Am Now Standing”), was performed in Bor only.[3] The band had also performed at the Bor Guitar festival, occupying the last position in the band competition,[3] despite being the only band to play their own material.[4] They performed until 1992 when Stojković moved to work and study in London and Ljubić went to serve the army.[5][6]

In 1996, Aleksandar Stojković St returned from London, bringing a guitar, a rhythm machine and a TASCAM four-track Portastudio, and started recording home-made demo recordings with Ljubić on guitar.[7] The recording equipment provided the two with an opportunity to make demo recordings of their own material despite the fact that probably it would not be released due to the difficulties in finding a record label.[4] During the same year, the two were joined by Predrag Marković “Peđa” (guitar) and Goran Ljubić “Goger” (drums), thus Goribor was officially formed.[3] The band got the name after an everyday account in RTB Bor when in the process of copper smelting slag is being separated from copper, giving an impression of a volcanic eruption or a large fire over the town.[8]

Being unable to perform elsewhere, the band had only played in Bor until 1999 when they went on hiatus.


Jugosfera je jutranja rubrika Radia Študent, ki nastaja pod okriljem Zavoda YugoTranslate. Jugosfera se konstituira na valovih Radia Študent vsak četrtek ob 08.40.