YugoTranslate’s team of expert, experienced translators and certified interpreters provide reliable oral translations, that is, simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services.

SIMULTANEOUS INTERPRETATION is a form of oral translation where the translator sits in a sound-proof booth and translates the speaker’s words to the target language as they are spoken. A simultaneous intepreter listens and translates utterances into a microphone for people listening through headphones.

Simultaneous interpretation is most commonly used at meetings with a large number of guests, such as assemblies, conferences, seminars and lectures.

CONSECUTIVE INTERPRETATION is a form of oral translation where the translator uses notes to translate the speaker’s words into the target language during pauses.

Consecutive interpretation is most commonly used in contexts with a smaller number of people, such as business meetings, meetings with a notary or attorney, presentations and press conferences.

* For simultaneous or consecutive interpretation in court or legal proceedings (court appearances, weddings, etc.), the translator must be a sworn certified interpreter appointed by the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia.


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